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International Journal of Civil, Mechanical and Energy Science

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Wall Y+ Approach for Dealing with Flow into Low NOx Swirler Burner in Industrial Furnaces( Vol-4,Issue-1,January 2018 )


Asya Alabdalah, Hassan Al-haj Ibrahim, Ethat Aloosh, Dr. Sergio Hoyas Calvo


Low NOx Swirler Burner, turbulence phenomena, viscous sublayer turbulence model, internal recirculation zone, NOx emissions.


This paper investigates the accuracy of CFD simulation in predicting the nature of swirl flow field interactions in a Low NOx Swirler Burner s̕ environment. RANS-based turbulence models; k-ε were used to predict the turbulence phenomena. It was observed that viscous sublayer turbulence model were in better accord with results while the model results obtained from the wall function bridge the gap with the walls were not suitable choice for the internal recirculation field simulation and this is related by the effect of positive and adverse pressure gradient in the direction of flow . Here the internal recirculation zone is created to stabilize the flame and to adjust the flow field flow as optimum to reduce NOx emissions by using internal staging schematic.

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