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Thermoluminescence Study of Mineral Ivory Soda( Vol-3,Issue-2,March 2017 )


K. Ankama Rao, S.V.R.S.K. Ravi Kumar, N.V.P.Rao, K.V.R. Murthy


Ivory Soda, thermoluminescence; minerals, NTL, TGA, XRD, etc.


The present paper reports the thermoluminescence characteristics of Ivory Soda mineral collected from Bhor Ghats near Sangamalner, Nasik Distric, Maharasta. The TL of as received minerals at varies heat treatment was recorded and also 15Gy beta dose was given to each sample prior to TL recording. TL of as received specimen (NTL) annealed for 1 hour and quenched from 200, 400, 600 and 800oC. The Ivory Soda mineral displayed a well resolved sharp peak around 140oC and 145oC for AQ from 600 and 800oC. XRD and TGA of Ivory Soda mineral were reported.

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