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International Journal of Civil, Mechanical and Energy Science

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Solar Water Heating for Space Heating Purposes( Vol-2,Issue-4,July 2016 )


Abdul-Salam H Naser, Khaleel I Abaas


Flat plate, solar collector, water storage tank, collector efficiency, heating load.


Solar energy is the source of heat and energy on the earth. In this paper, a solar water heating system was proposed for room heating in Baghdad winter weather conditions. The system was mad consisting of a flat plate solar collector, an isolated water storage tank, two pumps, and a radiator inside the room. The study foxed on the performance of the solar collector and the impact of weather conditions (clear or cloudy atmosphere) and water flow rate on its efficiency. The results illustrated that the solar collector efficiency increased at clear days compared to cloudy ones. The working fluid (water) flow rates have a significant impact on the collector efficiency. The collector efficiency increased at moderate flow rates and decreased at higher rates. The reduction the water flow rate allows for the heat to transfer longer time to water that increases the collector inlet and outlet temperature differences.

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