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International Journal of Civil, Mechanical and Energy Science

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Sawdust as an Alternative Energy Source for Small Scale Cottage Industries in Nigeria( Vol-2,Issue-4,July 2016 )


Hussaini A. Abdulkareem,Bitrus Auta , Hassan A. Abdulkareem


Abora, Afara, briquette, energy, sawdust.


The sawdust briquette and pallet were produce and the calorific values were obtained from an experiment performed on bomb calorimeter machine that gives the energy released by the fuel. Sample A (Afara) produce 16,197.4 J/g while sample B (Abora tree) gives 15,646.6J/g as the average energy realised which is a little more than the calorific value of wood (16,000J/g).Therefore, the briquette can be used as solid fuel in boiler, room heater, oven and furnaces as an alternative energy source. This can also lead to minimizing waste disposal in the sawmill industries.

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