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Prophecy - Google Apps Analysis and Prediction( Vol-6,Issue-2,March 2020 )


Gunjan Khandelwal, Gaurav Rajpurohit, Gaurav Goyal, Loveleen Kumar


Data mining, Machine learning, web app portal, HTML, CSS, API


“Prophecy – Google Apps Analysis and Prediction” was built with an objective to help the companies to identify the overall rating of their apps based on the reviews and allow the new companies to enter the market of apps with moderate/more/fewer competitors. The project is built with a user friendly interface so as to make it easy for user. The complete project inbuilt various technologies like html, CSS, machine learning, python, NLP etc. The users are also provided with other services in order to help them identify the current market demand. This web-app portal provides a platform for app owner companies to upload the file of their apps review and find out the how many reviews are positive, negative and neutral. Based on this the companies can identify the overall impression their app is making on the users. The system is built using machine learning algorithm which showed the best score among all the algorithm which makes the system highly reliable. An easy to use interface for accessing the services provides an extra advantage to the portal. Other than this it provides the current stats of the apps market, searching between the apps, navigating to the websites of most popular applications etc. all these services will help the user to understand the requirement of the market. In all it can be concluded that this portal will turn to be true friend as the name in providing the solutions.

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