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International Journal of Civil, Mechanical and Energy Science

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Prediction of Case Loss Due to Machine Downtime in Nigerian Bottling Company( Vol-2,Issue-5,September 2016 )


Hussaini A. Abdulkareem, Aliyu Usman, Hassan A. Abdulkareem


Machine Downtime, Nigerian, Breakdown.


Statistical analysis of five years record in a bottling company was carried out during which the production in the company was at its peak and cost has remain fairly stable (1987 to 1991). Most of the maintenance failures resulting in downtime are attributed to filler, crowner and washer, hence additional maintenance effort toward these machines can significantly cut down on downtime loses. A strong correlation is established between time lost and case lost (r=0.938, p=0.000) with a linear relationship of . Thus a fair knowledge of the expected time lost within a period can be used in predicting the case lost thereby making the needed adjustment in production planning to meet up required production targets.

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