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Optimization Control of an Electrical Stimulation System( Vol-2,Issue-2,March 2016 )


Adil Salbi, Seddik Bri


Muscular rehabilitation; Embedded system; Electrical stimulation; Programmable waveform; Optimization control; Electrotherapy.


In order to improve the strength of training and muscular rehabilitation, we propose an embedded system of programmable control for an external functional electrical stimulation (FES). The system is designed to generate a signal of programmable waveform to control the intensity of stimulation. This command sets the electrical stimulation of the patient, in term of muscular contraction according to the training needed. In this article, we propose an embedded system electrical stimulation based in two original methods of the optimization control, either by programming a binary counter memory or via a microcontroller with external memory. The final circuit is based on a microcontroller, a memory and a digital-analogue converter. This system allows efficient training for athletes and a good practice of electrotherapy.

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