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International Journal of Civil, Mechanical and Energy Science

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Network Reconfiguration to improve Reliability indices and Efficiency in Distribution Systems with An efficient hybrid Big Bang-Big Crunch algorithm systems ( Vol-2,Issue-1,January 2016 )


Maryam Bahrami, Mohammad Mahdi Mahmoodi, Mostafa Sedighizadeh


Big Bang-Big Crunch, Distribution system reconfiguration (DFR), Particle Swarm Optimization, single-objective optimization


Failure statistics show that distribution networks engage the most contribution the customer unavailability services. Because optimal reconfiguration of distribution systems has many advantages. Sothis paper presents an efficient hybrid Big Bang-Big Crunch optimization (HBB-BC) algorithm to solve the single-objective reconfiguration of improve the objective functions of the problem such as system average interruption frequency index, system average interruption duration index, average energy not supplied, in distribution systems. So that each objective is calculated in this optimization process. The HBB-BC is a powerful algorithm and has fast convergence. This algorithm using the Particle congestion Optimization (PSO) capacities improves the susceptibility of the Big Bang- Big Crunch (BB-BC) algorithm for better discovery. In addition, the HBB-BC uses a mutation operator after position updating to avoid local optimum and to explore new search areas. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithm is show on balanced test distribution systems. The simulation results are compared with the other solution obtained by other approach.

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