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International Journal of Civil, Mechanical and Energy Science

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Modification of Solar Water Heater System to avoid Troubleshooting( Vol-2,Issue-2,March 2016 )


Roshan V. Marode, Abhishek G. Yewale, Parikshit K. Patil, Shubham D. Bainalwar, Anand D. Kale, Dipak R. Ugale, Vishal R. Rathod


Solar water heater, water tank, solar energy.


The water-in-glass evacuated tube is an integral part of evacuated tube solar water heater. Solar water heaters with evacuated tube collectors perform better than that of flat plate collector. The usage of evacuated tube collectors is increasing day by day The solar thermal water heating system is the technology to harness the plenty amount of free available solar thermal energy. The solar thermal system is designed to meet the energy demands, but the energy demands are met in only the sunny days, and in cloudy days the system does not give the satisfactory results. To avail the drawback electric water heater backup is given to the SWH system. But use of electric water heater leads to excess heating which results into damaging the tank , Gaskets which in turn will damage the evacuated tubes which are too much fragile. This small mistake may lead to failure of system so to avoid modification are necessary.

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