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International Journal of Civil, Mechanical and Energy Science

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Kantorovich-Vlasov Method for Simply Supported Rectangular Plates under Uniformly Distributed Transverse Loads( Vol-3,Issue-2,March 2017 )


Nwoji C.U., Mama B.O., Onah H.N., Ike C.C.


Kantorovich-Vlasov method, Levy-Nadai method, convergent series, total potential energy functional, Euler-Lagrange differential equation.


In this study, the Kantorovich-Vlasov method has been applied to the flexural analysis of simply supported Kirchhoff plates under transverse uniformly distributed load on the entire plate domain. Vlasov method was used to construct the coordinate functions in the x direction and the Kantorovich method was used to consider the assumed displacement field over the plate. The total potential energy functional and the corresponding Euler-Lagrange equations were obtained. This was solved subject to the boundary conditions to obtain the displacement field over the plate. Bending moments were then obtained using the moment curvature equations. The solutions obtained were rapidly convergent series for deflection, and bending moments. Maximum deflection and maximum bending moments occurred at the center and were also obtained as rapidly convergent series. The series were computed for varying plate aspect ratios. The results were identical with Levy-Nadai solutions for the same problem.

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