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Investigation of Toxic Substance in Basra Waters( Vol-5,Issue-2,March 2019 )


Dr. Saad M. Potrous


Toxic Substance, Basra Waters, RO, drinking and desalination water.


There was a need to investigate the presence of toxic elements and compounds in drinking and desalination water for the population of the Basra city, especially after increasing cases of poisoning and diarrhea recently to more than 70,000 cases in the province of Basra according to the Human Rights Commission in the province . Six Samples (A, B, C, D, E, F) of drinking water and human uses of (RO) waters packaged in bottles produced by a private company (sample A), (RO) waters for direct sale (sample B) , waters desalination for the areas of Qibla, Jubaila and Brathaia (samples C,D,E) in addition to the waters of Shatt Al-Arab (sample F) for the purpose of conducting analysis and knowing the percentages of toxic elements and compounds in the compositions of these samples. The results of the analysis of the samples under the study confirmed that the ratio of total soluble solids (TDS) of the samples ( D, E , F ) to the other samples (A, B, C) ). The results of the analysis also confirmed the high percentage of the lead element (Pb) of the two samples (E, F) from the other samples. The results showed an increase in sulphate (SO4) for sample (E) than the other samples. The results showed an increase in the ratio of phosphate (PO4) of sample (F) to the rest of the samples in comparison with the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO). These results indicate that pollution in the Shatt Al-Arab waters increased with toxic elements and compounds. These results correspond to the statistics of the Directorate of Basra Heaith, where it showed the increase in the proportion of casualties among the population of the province of Basra to areas adjacent to the Shatt Al-Arab river, such as the city center , Abu- Khasseb and Al-Tanuma from the rest of the areas causing water pollution and the spread of E. coli causing diarrhea and intestinal colic with 50% of cases which was admitted to Basra hospitals.

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