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International Journal of Civil, Mechanical and Energy Science

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Heat Exchanger Thermal Design of Oil System for Turbo Centrifugal Compressor Using Nanofluid( Vol-2,Issue-5,September 2016 )


Hojin Kim


HTRI, Nanaofluid, Shell and tube heat exchanger, oil system cooling, Turbo centrifugal geared compressor


A thermal management is vital issues of all energy equipment such as compressor, gas turbine, and boilers etc. The compressor is generally used in power, oil & gas, air separation, and chemical plant. It is consist of air or gas compression part, gear, bearing, cooling, sealing, lube oil, and control system. In this study focused on heat exchanger for oil supply systems. Lube oil is very important to supply oil and protect bearing. Lube oil’s temperature control is vital issue to prevent system broken. Shell and tube heat exchanger is used as a cooler. In this study, HTRI Xist used to thermal design of oil cooler, with water and nanofluid. The thermal conductivity is ~9.3% higher than water. The tube side overall heat transfer coefficient of nanofluid is increased by ~9% compared to that of water.

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