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International Journal of Civil, Mechanical and Energy Science

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Generalized Degree Distance of Circumcoronene( Vol-2,Issue-2,March 2016 )


Yun Gao, Li Liang, GaoWei


Theoretical chemistry, generalized degree distance, modified generalized degree distance, Circumcoronene.


Chemical compounds and drugs are often modeled as graphs where each vertex represents an atom of molecule and covalent bounds between atoms are represented by edges between the corresponding vertices. This graph derived from a chemical compounds is called its molecular graph. The generalized degree distance defined over this molecular graph has been shown to be strongly correlated to properties of the compounds. In this article, byvirtue of molecular structural analysis, the generalized degree distance, modified generalized degree distance and their corresponding polynomials of are reported. The theoretical results achieved in this article illustrate the promising prospects of the application for the chemical and pharmacy engineering.

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