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Evaluation of Risk Factors Affecting Cost Performance of Construction Projects in Jalingo, Taraba State( Vol-3,Issue-2,March 2017 )


Dr. Ajator Uchenna O.


Taraba Projects, Cost Performance, Risk Factors, Consequential Cost, Evaluation, Management.


Effective management of risk is critical to the success of any construction project. The importance of risk management has grown as projects have become more complex. Contractors have traditionally used financial mark-ups to cover the risk associated with construction projects, but as competition increases and the margins become tighter, they can no longer rely on this strategy and must improve their ability to manage risk. This study has carried out an empirical evaluation of the effect of risk factors on cost performance of projects at delivery. The study is based on the analysis of primary data derived from bills of quantities for the construction/erection of hospital projects by the Ministry of Works and Housing, Jalingo in Taraba State. The obtained data was analyzed using linear regression, t-statistics, F-statistics, line and scatter graphs. The study identified the following risk variables as having significant impact on cost performance: project size, project location, project complexity, level of variations, prime cost sums and provisional sums, estimator bias, market conditions, level of competition, fraudulent practices, construction techniques, economic and political factors, construction accidents, health and safety factors. The study concludes that these factors have to be comprehensively assessed in the light of the individual projects. It recommends among others, the need for a departure from the use of traditional approach of percentage risk adjustment factor to a more comprehensive risk management system.

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