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Emission Analysis of Sapodilla seed oil as bio-diesel( Vol-3,Issue-2,March 2017 )


G.V.Churchill, C.Ananda Srinivasan


Fruit seed oil, SP - Sapodilla seed oil Biodiesel, NOx - Oxides of nitrogen, Smoke.


The study in made to replace the existing diesel fuel with the bio – fuels, for this fruit like Sapodilla seed oil as bio – diesel is utilized. The main objective of this work is to discuss the impact of biodiesel from Sapodilla fruit seed oil bio-diesel on performance, combustion and emission characteristics diesel. In this study, the effect of bio-diesel from fruit seed oil [Sapodilla seed oil] and its blends on a single cylinder Kirloskar TV-1 diesel engine were investigated. In this work, the performance, combustion and emission analysis were conducted. The tests were performed at steady state conditions with the blend ratio of B25, B50, B75 and B100. These represent the ratio of biodiesel in the blend and the rest diesel. The aim of this investigation was to reformulate the fuel to utilize the biodiesel and its blend to enhance the fuels performance, combustion characteristic and to reduce the pollution from the engine. In this work only Sapodilla seed oil bio-diesel is utilized for the experimental work. The experimental results reveal a marginal decrease in brake thermal efficiency when compared to that of sole fuel. In this investigation, the emission test were done with the help of AVL DI gas analyzer, in which CO, HC and NOx are appreciably reduced on the other hand smoke, CO2 have marginal increased when compared to that of sole fuel. In this work combustion analysis also made with the help of AVL combustion analyzer in which bio diesel blend shows the better result when compared with diesel.

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