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International Journal of Civil, Mechanical and Energy Science

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Control of Structural Vibrations due to Underground Blast using SMA dampers( Vol-2,Issue-2,March 2016 )


Rohan Majumder


Shape Memory Alloy, Blast Induced Ground Motion (BIGM), vibration control.


Recently, several intensive research efforts are made to exploit smart structure technologies in controlling vibration of structures. The class of smart materials which are most widely used are the Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs). Previously, extensive research activities have been carried out to control vibration of structures subjected to ground motions resulting from earthquakes but mitigation of structural vibration subjected to underground blast load is still not well-developed. The ground motions caused by underground blasts are mainly characterized by large amplitude waves of high frequency behaving like an impulse load of an immensely short duration of time. Thus the blast induced ground motion (BIGM) is quite significantly different from that of ground motions due to earthquake. In this paper, first an overview of the several characteristics of SMA and the nature of ground motion due to underground blast is presented. Then a simulation study of a standard two-storey steel frame installed with SMA wires as bracings, taken from literature, is carried out in standard finite element software. The framed structure is subjected to ground acceleration due to underground blast and the simulation studies were carried out for various distances measured from the charge center. The results are also compared with that of the conventional steel bracing and the uncontrolled bare frame.

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