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Assessing Heterogeneous Influences on Partial Deposition of Virus in Lateritic and Silty Formation: Applying Predictive Model, Patani, Bayelsa State of Nigeria( Vol-3,Issue-1,January 2017 )


Eluozo S. N, Nwaoburu A .O, Eleki A. G


modeling, heterogeneous, partial virus lateritic and silty formation.


This paper monitored the rate of partial deposition of virus on heterogeneous formation, the study were able to monitor the behaviour of virus in heterogeneous deposition influencing partial concentration of virus in Lateritic and silty formation. The study was able to observe the rate of partial deposition base on its rate of fluctuation through variation observed from deposited void ratio and permeability, such formation developed fluctuation on these parameters thus generated partial deposition of virus in the study area. Linear deposition were also experienced in graphical representation, the result obtained ranged from [1.97E-12-2.35E-11],[3-30M], [1.97E-12-2.36E-11[10-100] Predictive 1.97E-12, Experimental 1.87E-12 [3-36m], predictive, [1,97E-12], Experimental [2.26E-11] [10-120 Days] predictive 2.36E-12, Experimental 2.24E-11,[10-120Days] [1.31E-12-2.36E11], Predictive1.31E-12, Experimental, 2.36E-11 [2-30m], predictive,[2.36E-11-2.2E-11]; [2-30m] ,for Time 1.31E-12-2.36E-11[4-60days] while predictive and Experimental,[2,36E-11] [1.37E-12-2,22E-11] [2-30m] The prediction rate of partial deposition of virus was possible through mathematical modeling techniques, the system were developed base on the parameters from predominant formation characteristics in study location, these parameters generated the derived model through the developed governing equation, simulation generated theoretical values that were compared with experimental results, both parameters developed best fits validating the model, experts will definitely applied this approach in monitoring and evaluation of virus deposits in the study area.

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