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International Journal of Civil, Mechanical and Energy Science

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An Experimental Investigation on Condensation in Horizontal Microchannels( Vol-2,Issue-2,March 2016 )


Minhhung Doan, Thanhtrung Dang


Condensation, heat transfer, microchannel, pressure drop, temperature.


This paper presented an experimental study on condensation in two horizontal microchannel condensers (M1 and M2) with different substrate and channel lengths. The mass flow rate of steam and pressure drop affected to oscillation of condensation profile, beginning condensation point, and performance index. Moreover, heat transfer rate of model M1 was higher than that of model M2 at the same flow rate or pressure drop of steam. The heat transfer rate of 164 W was achieved for the model M1 at inlet vapor temperature of 101.9 oC. Besides, the pressure drop obtained from the microchannel condenser M1 was lower than that obtained from the microchannel condenser M2: at mass flow rate of 0.0264 g/s, the pressure drop of M1 was 1,257 Pa while the pressure drop of M2 was 6,105 Pa. In addition, the performance index decreased as rising mass flow rate of steam for both condensers. With the microchannel condenser M1, the performance index was decreasing from 0.053 W/Pa to 0.038 W/Pa as varying mass flow rate of steam from 0.0264 g/s to 0.0314 g/s. The performance indexes decreased linearly for both condensers.

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